As a small business, I have seen firsthand how entrepreneurs positively impact their fellow citizens, provide for families, and build a stronger community.

The year is 1989 my wife Cheryl and I are living in a 1200 sq ft home in Kannapolis with our three boys, all sharing the same bedroom. Like many North Carolinians, I had the dream of owning my own business, I decided to trust in God and take a leap of faith. So, I bought a ladder and an old pickup truck, and along with Cheryl and my children, we set out to make that dream come true. Here we are 23 years later, my company, Casco signs in Concord, employs over fifty people, provided for my family, and given me a chance to give back to my community in unique ways. I share this story to let you know that I've lived on both ends, I know the paycheck to paycheck nightmare, but I also know the American Dream

As your Representative, I will support small business owners taking those leaps of faith; I will support evidence-based incentives that are best for our community; and I will support economic development that provides long-term business investment to North Carolina and its citizens. I will work to protect that American Dream, for all of us, when I go to Raleigh for my family and yours as well. 

Second Amendment

The right to keep and bear arms is not a right granted by the legislative power. It is enumerated in our Country’s Constitution and essential to what makes our people free, and not subject to tyrannical whims of politicians. I believe that it is imperative to defend this right, and ensure that North Carolinians remain a well-armed citizenry that feels safer in their community, are able to protect their property, and ensure any individual can protect themselves.

Governor Cooper, the radical Left, and anti-gun lobbyists in DC want to place burdens on the people of North Carolina by making it more difficult to purchase firearms, and stereotype firearms as the cause of acts of violence. They wish to create restrictive burdensome legislation and bureaucratic red tape in the way of our Constitutional rights. As your representative, I will defend our castle doctrine; protect our Constitutional rights; and fight against legislation and break down that red tape, while keeping policies in place that maintain the safety of our community. 

Law Enforcement
First Responders

First Responders and Law Enforcement officers have chosen a difficult path and a noble profession. They have dedicated their careers to helping others - putting their life on the line for their community and upholding the law.

These men and women deserve our respect and support. If elected as your Representative, I want to empower our First Responders and Law Enforcement officers with the confidence that they have the support of their community and legislatures. This empowerment comes in the form of being proactive, not reactive, and making sure they are equipped with the resources, training, and skills they need to continue to serve our citizens.